mercoledì 8 giugno 2011

Andrea, on the fourth floor.

Vorrei ringraziare tantissimo Carolina Franco - il suo british-italian-blog: The Italian Girlfriend - per questo regalo: è la traduzione in inglese del piccolo racconto che trovate un post indietro, quello di Andrea. Sono letteralmente senza parole :)

"See that little window up there? They live there. Andrea, his wife and their dog, right facing the new building site. The dog is already specialized in a game of stones that is quite a bit complicated. He takes two stones in the yard, leaves one on the ground near the foot of those passing by, while he keeps the other in his mouth, then takes two steps back, looks at the first stone ... Ah, it is too, too complicated.

Andrea and his wife are approaching their fifties and have found, Andrea says, a balance. Their own peace of mind, as Andrea says. They found this little house thanks to a series of lucky circumstances: just what they needed, Andrea says, after suffering so much. But the suffering, he says, helped them to understand that even so, in a small house with a small dog, they could be. Happy, maybe not, but no one, no one is happy and he, Andrea, asks me if I know that nobody in the world is happy. But one can still become at least normal.

The evening walks with the little dog, and the complicated, oh so complicated game of stones, a pistachio ice cream, a beer after dinner. That might not be happiness, he says, because nobody knows what happiness is, but that's life. You know what, Miss? Andrea says to me. I feel alive, that's all what matters for me, having escaped the sadness, Andrea explains, while the dog picks up the second stone, making the game's rules even more complicated.

Because life is about solving a complicated game of stones, is a pistachio ice cream, is a house on the fourth floor, a rainbow over the city, a puddle that reflects the face of a small dog, a polished stone, and the new site on which a white building that seems made ​​of Lego will be built".

Thanks Carolina!

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